Meet Your Designer

Emily PerrierEmily Perrier founded Inktrigue in 2006.

So let’s be honest (because Mum always said honesty is the best policy). . . Emily is Inktrigue! When in need of help, she collaborates with a carefully chosen group of like-minded individuals for copywriting and production assistance. She graduated from Salem State University and since then has worked for (and with) various design and marketing firms. Thanks to her awesome clients saying kind things, for the past 4 years she has worked full-time building and promoting Inktrigue.

What makes Emily different is that she has a solid background in print design followed by many years of programming experience. But don’t worry, she still adores print.

In her downtime, Emily is usually upside-down.

When taking a break from “real-life”, you can most likely find Emily pursuing her love of flying trapeze, practicing aerial silks, or finding creative spots to rock a handstand. We assume this helps to keep the creative juices flowing.